FIRE Co-Founder Harvey Silverglate Blasts Harvard, Discusses What “Liberal” Means In New Video

Over at Ricochet, Greg talks about Harvey’s influence on his career and the importance of Harvey’s work. Greg writes:

Harvey is a mentor to me and the person who hunted me down in my post-law school life in San Francisco to bring me to FIRE way back in 2001. Harvey has been doing criminal defense and free-speech-on-campus work for decades now and is one of the foremost advocates for reforming the criminal justice system. His latest book, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, discusses the explosion of federal criminal laws that are becoming increasingly broad and vague.

In the interview, Harvey touches on his alma mater, Harvard, his work, and what “liberal” means. Harvey continues to serve FIRE and promote students’ rights as Chairman of the Board of Directors.