‘Unlearning Liberty’ is Spreading Across the Blogosphere!

Harry Lewis of Harvard College in his blog, Bits and Pieces, offers praise to Greg and Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate for its important civic lessons:

Lukianoff takes the time to go back to first principles. The reason free speech is important is because debate is important, and the reason debate is important is that it is the key tool of deliberative democracies. If we don’t train our students to argue with each other, without crying foul every time one side hurts the other’s feelings, we will wind up with … a dysfunctional Congress, maybe? So the book’s mission is fundamentally civic, and I applaud it for that reason.

Joanne Jacobs has taken to her blog, Linking and Thinking on Education, as well to promote Unlearning Liberty:

Universities no longer encourage students to debate, disagree and dissent … As president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), Lukianoff has spent more than a decade fighting against censorship, speech codes, sex codes, intrusive “orientations,” mandatory “dispositions” and other checks on free expression. FIRE has defended students, professors and staffers who’ve fallen afoul of campus groupthink.

If you haven’t checked out Unlearning Liberty yet, make sure to grab a copy!