‘Unlearning Liberty’ Highlighted In Philadelphia Magazine

Sandy Hingston, Senior Editor at Philadelphia Magazine, recently wrote an article chronicling the past 20 years of political correctness on today’s college campuses. Hingston deftly examines the broader anti-free speech trends by sampling from a range of cases and prominently features Greg Lukianoff, Unlearning Liberty, and FIRE in her piece:

[Greg] posits that political correctness has hamstrung free speech, resulting in a society where citizens lack the “experience of uninhibited debate and casual provocation” that keeps minds open and dialogue flowing. People lose their jobs because of jokes and misinterpretations; they’re hung out to dry in public when they misspeak; they quake in fear of being accused of “disrespect.” Those who dare question whether these offended parties have actually suffered harm are shouted down by the hurt-feelings “sensitivity” industry and social media and news organizations trolling for hits. And the costs of disagreeing with the PC guardians ratchet ever upward—costs that all of us pay.

The article is thought-provoking, funny, and a great read. Check it out!