Greg Featured as the Lead Op-Ed in Today’s ‘Wall Street Journal’

Today’s Wall Street Journal features FIRE President Greg Lukianoff as the lead op-ed. Greg details the disastrous and unconstitutional federal “blueprint” for speech codes set forth last week by the Departments of Justice and Education.

In the article, Greg points out that, under the new rules, the definition of harassment has been so dramatically lowered that now nearly everyone on campus is a “harasser”:

The implications for professors and students are enormous. An unsuccessful request for a date, or even assigning a potentially offensive book like “Lolita,” could now be construed as harassment. As attorney and civil libertarian Wendy Kaminer commented on The Atlantic’s website this week: “The stated goal of this policy is stemming discrimination, but the inevitable result will be advancing it, in the form of content-based prohibitions on speech.”

You can read the full op-ed here!